Selfie Toaster

Innovative toaster designed by Galen Dively burns images and portraits into the side of the bread. For only $75, you can upload any photo to the Vermont Novelty website and “Selfie Toaster” will be manufactured and delivered to your door.

Selfie Toaster (12)
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Cool Ice Cream iPhone Cases

These realistic food cases will transform your iPhone into delicious ice cream bar. Mouth-watering iPhone cases are not edible and they do not melt.

Ice Cream iPhone Cases (1)
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Wooden Motorcycle

Here is a detailed replica of IZH-49 motorcycle made out of wood by talented Russian carpenter Yuri Hvtisishvili. Engine, frame, wheels, tires, and other parts were carved out of wood.

Wooden Motorcycle (1)
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Jeans Underwear

Unusual and eye-catching underwear designed to look like stylish jeans shorts. Feel comfortable and look presentable even leaving your pants at home.

Jeans Underwear (1)
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Unhappily Ever After

Disney characters transported into the real world in a series of clever images by New York based artist Jeff Hong.

Unhappily Ever After (1)
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Creative Cat Shirts

Creative shirts with embroidered cats and kittens designed specially for cat lovers by Japanese artist Hiroko Kubota.

Creative Cat Shirts (1)
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Amazing Mini-Hammock

Comfortable hammock designed to be attached underneath the desk allows you to rest your feet while you work. It is created for students and people who work in the office.

Amazing Mini-Hammock (1)
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Distorted Furniture

Unique furniture designed by Italian architect Ferruccio Laviani looks like a distorted image that was carved out of wood and placed into the real world.

Distorted Furniture (1)
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3D Sand Drawings

Unique 3D Sand Art by David Rendu, Constanza Nightingale, and Jamie Harkins is drawn on a sandy beach in New Zealand.

3D Sand Drawings (1)
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Bat Bow Tie

Stylish bow tie made out of high quality leather or sparkling vinyl fabric is designed and handmade by Dulce Calaveritas. It was inspired by the look of a black bat.

Bat Bow Tie (1)
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