Incredibly Realistic Plushies

These incredibly realistic critters are hand-made by self-taught sculptor Lee Cross, aka Wood Splitter Lee, from Alaska. After creating a skeleton for each of the animals, Lee wraps it in soft stuffing and them covers them with cloth.The life-like appearance is achieved by decorating the cloth with synthetic fur and paint.

Incredibly Realistic Plushies (1)
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Leaf Cuttings By Omid Asadi

Iranian artist Omid Asadi uses delicate cutting techniques to create impressively intricate leaf artworks. The beautiful cuttings depict icons of the past, such as John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix, as well as dreamy abstractions.

Leaf Cuttings By Omid Asadi (1)
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3D Calligraphy By Tolga Girgin

Turkish graphic designer Tolga Girgin is an impressively talented modern calligraphy artist who has brought this ancient art to a new level – 3D. Using shadows, clever perspective and brilliant skills, he makes his writing leap off the page, making the letters look more like paper cut-outs.

3D Calligraphy By Tolga Girgin (1)
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Funny Pendants

Japanese designer Takayuki Fukusawa, who leads Japanese design firm EkoD Works, has a simple concept behind his work – making a world full of humorous art and design. These pendants are little human and animal figurines that seem to be diving down into their wearers’ breasts.

Funny Pendants (1)
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Faceless People Projects

Pennsylvania-based photographer Christopher McKenney creates composite  photos of horror scenes filled with disturbing characters that seem to exist on the edge between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Faceless People Projects (1)
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Human-Sized Kaleidoscope

This giant kaleidoscope was built inside of a shipping container by Japanese designers Masakazu Shirane and Saya Miyazaki. The highly trippy installation, called “Wink Space,” is made from numerous mirrored sheets folded like origami and connected using zippers.

Human-Sized Kaleidoscope (1)
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144-Year-Old Wisteria

This magical-looking vine, which rains down pink and purple blooms, is called the wisteria, and this specimen is the largest of its kind in Japan. This extraordinary woody climbing vine is already 144 years old, exemplifying one of the wisterias’ most crucial features – its hardiness. Located in the Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi, Japan, this wisteria’s vines cover as many as as 1,990 square meters.

144-Year-Old Wisteria (1)
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Moths And Butterflies By Yumi Okita

The North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita sews, embroiders, and stitches multi-colored fabrics into gorgeous moths, butterflies, and other insects. They’re quite a lot bigger than their live originals – up to nearly a foot wide.

Moths And Butterflies (1)
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When Street Art Meets Nature

Urban environments and nature are usually held to be polar opposites, but even in the concrete jungle, street artists can find a way to incorporate nature into their street art.

When Street Art Meets Nature (1)
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Water Slide Photography

Wonderful photos of kids and adults coming out of a water slide captured by talented photographer Krista Long.

Water Slide Photography (1)
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