Key Art by Stanislav Aristov

Stanislav Aristov, 32, re-creates everyday scenes and objects simply using a collection of keys and a strip of chalk. Stanislav wanted to show that even the simplest of items can help change your view on the world.

Key Art by Stanislav Aristov (1)
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“Iron Wire Bed” Project

As part of an art project, a chinese artist Zhou Jie is living inside an exhibition hall with an unfinished iron wire bed, some iron wire sculptures in the shape of stuffed animals, an allotment of food and her mobile phone for 36 days.

Iron Wire Bed (1)
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Hobo Nickels By Paolo Curcio

Artist Paolo Curcio craves tiny bas-relief sculptures into coins – a traditional art form known as the hobo nickel. Curcio’s coins feature intricately detailed hobos, skulls and a variety of pop culture characters.

Hobo Nickels By Paolo Curcio (1)
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In the Eyes of a Woman Project

Cecilia Paredes lives and works in San Jose and Philadelphia, United States. Her recent photographic work is a conspicuous exploration of sensual surfaces in which the body is deliberately confused with nature and nature with the body.

In the Eyes of a Woman (1)
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Rekindle Candle

The Rekindle candle by Benjamin Shine is a clever candlestick holder that regenerates the candle as it burns by forming the melted wax into a new candle.

Rekindle Candle (1)
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Cherry Blossom Stones

In the Japanese city of Kameoka an intriguing geological oddity is found. A small subhexagonal-shaped stone of fine-grained muscovite mica hosted on a type of metamorphic rock called Hornfels. When cracked open, their internal cross-sections look like tiny golden-pink flowers. They are called “cherry blossom stones”, after the revered flower of Japan and one of the most recognized icons of the country.

Cherry Blossom Stones (1)
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The Kondyor Massif

The Kondyor Massif is a perfectly circular geological formation in Eastern Siberia, Russia, roughly 600 km west-to-southwest of Okhotsk. From space it looks like an impact crater or the caldera of an extinct volcano, but Kondyor Massif is neither. An intrusion forms when molten magma of igneous rock crystallizes below the surface of the earth, and is slowly pushed up through the earth’s mantle, a process that can take millions of years. As the rock slowly cools into a solid, the different parts of the magma crystallize into minerals.

The Kondyor Massif (1)
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Real Barbie and Ken

Unique photo series by Canadian photographer and retoucher Hayden Wood features models styled to look like Barbie and Ken dolls.

Real Barbie and Ken (9)
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Game Of Thrones Drawing

Impressive “Game of Thrones” drawing art.

Game Of Thrones Drawing (11)
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Rauf Yasit Aka Rubber Legz

Rauf Yasit is a professional dancer but dancing isn’t even the thing he’s best known for. He is best known for his ability to twist and turn his body which is seemingly made out of rubber.

Rauf Yasit Aka Rubber Legz (1)
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