The Volcano That Grew Out Of A Cornfield

Rarely do volcanologist get to watch the birth, growth, and death of a volcano, but Paricutin provided such an opportunity. It is a cinder cone volcano located in the state of Michoacan, in Mexico, close to a lava-covered village of the same name.

Paricutin (13)
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Mexico’s Rich And The Poor

Mexican bank Banamex launched an advertising campaign titled Erase the Difference. The bank hired photographer Oscar Ruíz and asked him to shoot the stark divide between the poor and the affluent that exist in Mexico City. The campaign features four images that show opulent apartments and villas sitting right next to modest, to sometimes very dilapidated houses belonging to the poorer section. The images look Photoshopped, as if two separate images were stuck together to create the drama, but they were not.

Mexico’s Rich And The Poor (1)
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Via Krupp of Capri Island

Via Krupp is one of the world’s most beautiful footpath. It is located on the island of Capri, in the Tyrrhenian Sea, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples. The historic switchback paved footpath connects the Charterhouse of San Giacomo and the Gardens of Augustus area with Marina Piccola. Between 1976 and 2008, Via Krupp remain closed due to landslide. It was so popular that even when closed tourists would slip under the barriers to see it and large gates had to be erected to keep them away.

Via Krupp of Capri Island (1)
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Urodidae Moth Cocoon

The Amazonian moth belonging to the family of Urodidae weaves one of the strangest and most beautiful cocoons in the insect world. Urodidae cocoons have a coarse open mesh design with an exit at the bottom, and hangs like a pendulum on a long thread of silk from the underside of a leaf. The cocoon itself is bright orange colored and one of the most beautiful.

Urodidae Moth Cocoon (1)
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Tea for Two

Unique tea set designed by Sebastian Errazuriz is separated into two equal halves with their own handles. Drink tea or coffee and have intimate conversations with another person.

Tea for Two (1)
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Massive Chinese Zodiac Drawings

Savannah Burgess is a 19-year-old Atlanta-based artist who recently shared the process behind her latest massive drawing depicting all the animal members of the Chinese Zodiac. She spent much of her summer on the „Zodiac“ and took pictures of her progress every day until it was finished.

Massive Chinese Zodiac Drawings (1)
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Buildings Looking Like Animals

Amazing houses and buildings that look like animals.

Buildings Looking Like Animals (1)
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Japan Trip Food

Here is a traditional Japanese trip food.

Japan Trip Food (1)
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Most Painful Torture Devices

The 8 most painful torture devices of the middle ages.

Most Painful Torture Devices


A Car Stuck In A Pond

This Chinese man from the city of Nanjing was going way too fast when he lost control of his car and landed in a pond.

A Car Stuck In A Pond (1)
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